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Monday, 15 June 2009

Natanyahu Speech..

The Speech of the Israel's Prime Minister was very Normal to their Media, and it is not the first time an Enemy's Prime Minister said, that will not accept a Full Palestinian State next to Israel, but what was said by Natanyahu, had been said for Sixty years, so far..

The reactions by Arabs was prompt, disappointment and Anger, as if, Natanyahu is a Member in Arab's League, and now a rebel. What Natanyahu said, was normal and in the Interest of Israel.

Now, what were the Reactions of the Arabs is abnormal, because the Arabs are United, and have the same views of how to face their ENEMY, and to confirm to  Israel that, they will drive it deep in the ocean, if does not compromise with their terms and conditions to solve the Palestinian Issue, and return the occupied territories to Syria.

But under this United Block, we can see the following:

The Government of Lebanon is trying to get back the areas in the South occupied by Israel, in a Diplomatic resolution, which was taken by the united Nations, and off course Hezbollah who is armed by Iran VIA Syria on commission bases, refuses the Diplomatic ways, and will fight Israel to the last person and property in Lebanon. 

But Israel refuses to withdraw, because they say, it is Syrian Land and should be negotiated with the Syrians. Syria REFUSES to admit to the United Nations by written notes that, this land is a Lebanese, so would force Israel out of SHiBAA Farms.

Syria is negotiating with Israel for years in SECRET, and they could reach to an agreement, without the knowledge of the other ARABS.

The Palestinians, who are the Main Owner of the Cause, and that, caused a sixty years wars with Israel, they are enemies to each others, they kill each others, they have, West Bank Government, and Gaza sacked Government, and they cannot even agree to sit together and work in one solid hand against Israel, they are divided, and ask the world to unite with them against Israel. they even cannot have one land and one government

The United States President Mr Obama, says, will work to the Solution of two States, Israel and Palestine, live beside each others peacefully, but Arabs, help yourselves, that we can help you.

One Arab Genius who want to destroy Israel with his Iranian made ballistics, says, what Obama said is just a written composition, this Genius thinks that Obama is a student in his class.

If the Arab Leaders had not listened to Logic for sixty years, they will never do.

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