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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Twice Happened

Junblatt was under scary situations twice, once ,May 2008, when he was surrounded by Hozbullah, and his life was under threat, and he did not see any signs of action by 14 March Forces, which proved that, they were not in any position for confrontation with Huzbollah, which made Jumblat, put himself in an independent position away from 14 March forces. Hozbullah made life threat to Junblatt, though this Leader was on the defence of Hozbollah disarmament in all the International theatres, and that what he got from them, in return.

The second blow was, ten days ago when Hozbullah raided the streets of Beirut unarmed, but was the scenarios of taking up the Authority in Lebanon, and that, made Junblatt worries for the safety of the whole Country, and not his life at this time, and made him share his Democratic Gathering Bloc between Justice for those killed for the sake of Lebanon, unlawfully, and the threat by Hozbullah who has upper hand at this stage.

Junblatt compromised to the first blow, by getting out of 14 March Forces, but Hozbullah increased the pressure and never credited the stance of Junblatt in that direction. Now he compromised to the second blow, and certainly will not get any good of it, and both were given free to Hozbollah, and instead of backing down, it is increasing the pressure to take the Authority this time by constitutional way, and certainly would undermine Junblatt efforts for the safety of the Country, and would not be credited as well.

I would say he is the biggest looser at this time of crisis that confronting the Country, because he is dealing with a Huge Octopus. Certainly, his safety is not guaranteed after the Octopus sucks his last droop of his Blood.

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