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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lebanon 2709, APPLY 1701, then ask me for 1559, IN ACCURATE

New York the Diplomacy Battle field. Mr President Suleiman, met the United Nation’s Secretary General, Mr Ban, in New York, The Secretary General reminded the President of Resolution 1701, and the President, reminded the Secretary General of Resolution, 1559 to be EXECUTED FIRST.

It is  a SIMPLE Language between the TWO Diplomats. But, where is the COMPLICATED PROBLEM, of this simple Diplomacy.

Resolution, 1559, came out to Light, few years before the Second one. This  Resolution, Ordered the Syrian Regime’s Troops, and its NASTY MUKHABARAT, to get out of Lebanon, and by the ENORMOUS pressure of the Lebanese People, they were forced to leave, with the Humiliation that NO Armed Forces in any country in the World had it before, and that, was the SECOND TIME, those troops, left Lebanon that way. Once, when the Assad the Father, was  Syrian President 1981, under the Israelis Flag at SOUFAR, Lebanese Town at the Mountains, and the Second Time, when this BUTCHER of Human Beings The SON of the ….Father, was the President of Syria. The other, condition in this Resolution was , that all kind of Militias, and any armed forces, rather than the Lebanese Armed Forces, should be DECOMMISSIONED, and Hand down their ARMS to these Lebanese Armed Forces,  and these Forces should spread and control, all the Lebanese Soil, with NO OTHER AUTHORITY whatsoever. They mean here, in Specific Hezbollah, MINI STATE.  This was the Main request by the Secretary General to Mr President Suleiman.

President Suleiman request, to the Secretary General for 1701 to be EXECUTED COMPLETELY, is that, Israel should withdraw from the Lebanese Lands in the South of Lebanon, that Shebaa Farms, Kfershuba Hills, and Ghajar Town.

If we have a close look, to the Areas, that Israel Occupies, we can confirm that, Israel stays Illegally, and Unlawfully, only on Kfershuba Hills Land, and should withdraw without delay out of them.

Regarding, the other PARTS, Lebanon has a COMPLICATED DISPUTE, with the Syrian Regime, about the OWNER of these Lands.

For Shebaa Farms, The Syrian Regime had never admitted that, these LANDS are Lebanese, according to the Procedures of the United Nations. Israel says, these Lands were occupied by the Syrian Troops, during 1967 War, and should be under the  Cease Fire by that Time, and Not by the Resolution of 1701, unless, should be proved that, these are Lebanese Soil, which the Syrian Regime refused to ADMIT.

Regarding, the Ghajar Town, there was a serious Procedure by the United Nation to take over the Town after the Israelis Troops withdrawal, from that PART. But because the Town is MIXED of Syrian and Lebanese  Citizens, the Lebanese Government was NOT Enthusiastic enough to take over the Town, because that, would cause a SERIOUS TENSION with the Syrian Regime, and the Government of Lebanon by that time, Head by Mr Harriri Prime Minister,  just started, to MEND the Syrian Lebanese Diplomatic Relations. Israel  POSTPONED the Withdrawal  Decision.

Israel should be forced to withdraw, from Kfershuba Hills, by the United Nation, Immediately 
Syria should be forced to Admit that, Shibaa Farms are Lebanese Lands.
Ghajar Town’s People should decide, whether, they want to belong, to Syria or Lebanon.

There is a CHANCE to Execute both Resolutions, though  1559, should be forced FIRST, because it was few years before 1701 in August 2006. If, ONLY, the Regime in Syria is CHANGED to a DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM REGIME, then would be, a FRUITFUL Dialogue, between Lebanon and Syria, to  sort out Resolution 1701.

The Lebanese President should work harder, on the Syrian Front, otherwise it is the Language of the DEAF, with the United Nation.


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