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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Where Are They...23/07/14...

Where are they???...the Arabs...

Sure they are everywhere, but what are they doing? They were and still very busy killing each others.

When the revolts started, every Free Arab Nation, had the HOPE, of changes , and Reforms, in every Arab Country. Changes, that would lift those Nations from the SLUM of Dictatorship, and Rules of Military Tyranny, to a Breathing Freedom , some kind of Democracy and Human Rights.

Dictators, ruling their Countries with Fist and Boot of Steel, for Half of a Century, sure would not move, or make a U Turn to modernization. As the people’s Revolts brought down those Dictators, some of those Revolutionaries turned to be planning, to dissolve those revolts into their Fundamental Style, and bring the Nations thousands of years behind. As the Islamic Terrorists, Daesh, Jihadists, Soldiers of God, Al Qaeda, and recently Iran and its Military Fundamentalist Hezbollah (God’s Party).

Jasmine Revolution, started in Tunisia, Peacefully, the Jihadists, Jeopardized its Goals, and tried to Mar its peaceful Victories on Dictatorship.

Revolution in Libya, after it brought down the Dictator and His Instruments, the Jihadists and Fundamentalist damaged the Revolution by trying to confirm the Islamic Ancient Rules on the Liberated Areas, and civil war broke out, and the revolution is in astray.

Peaceful revolution in Egypt, which turned to be the Bloodiest, by the Brotherhood Terrorists, Jeopardized the Goals of the January Revolution. But , when the Armed Forces of the Country intervened, Violence receded, and almost the Country on a stabilized situation.  Elections in a Semi democratic way, the Country is under the Law.

Yemen, there is No Hope, that the Country would see any kind, of Stabilization in years. The Armed Forces weak and Leadership divided. Al Qaeda, has the strongest Grounds at that Part, on the Indian Ocean Coast. The threats of this Terrorists Organization, reached to Saudi Arabia Southern Parts, and Hadramout. Does not look like, there would be an End to Violence, through, USA is contributing with Military Special Forces.

In Syria, the Bloodiest ever in Old and Modern History, a Dictator slaughtered His Own People, as Assad Regime had done. Revolution started Peacefully, the Regime’s Skunk Dogs, turned it out to be the Bloodiest. 300 Thousands killed by Bombing (All kind of weapons, and Poisoned Gas), their Cities and Towns and Villages Destroyed, the same number is Missing, Seven Millions displaced, four within the Syrian Lands, and Three into the Neighbourhood. Regime used the Terrorists and Al-Qaida Organisation to dissolve the Revolution,. Succeeded partially, as the Liberating the Country is slowing down. As the Free Syrian Army and other Fighters Groups, are fighting on Two Fronts, one against the terrorists od Daesh, and the other against the Regime’s Military Forces and its Terrorists Alliance Hezbollah, of Lebanon and Iraq.

In Iraq, since the wiped out Regime of Saddam Hussein. The country never seen any kind of Stabilization. Car Bombs Suicide Bombers were the Daily Menu, of killing Civilians on the streets and their Homes. As a Dictator was removed. It was replaced by another one, Maliki, the Pro Iranian Tail. Which caused and sparked Bloody Violence, among Shia and Sunni Muslims, and Civil war is on its bloodiest Levels. Sunni accompanied by Terrorists Groups Daesh, had stormed all the North Parts of Iraq, and declared the Islamist State, called (Khalafah). What that means, they are applying the Islamist Rules and Laws of Islam 1650 ago. The Land of the Khalafah should be pure Muslims, No Christians or any other Authentic Factions rather than Islam, like Kurds. You give up to be Muslim, or pay Penalty, or leave, otherwise the sword will reach your neck, No Mercy.

Gaza, was always the Black Sheep of all rounds of Violence. When the Palestinians are divided, the kill each others in Gaza. When, they reached for an agreement to be United under the same Government, and prove solidarity against the Fabricated Peace Process in the Middle East, Israel was waiting and prepared to take it off Gaza. Three Hits on Gaza, 2008, 2012 and 2014, to tame tyhe Authorities over there, and bring them down to recognize the Jewish State. Gaza’s Authority the dissolved Government by the West Bank Central Authority, was always a Pro Syrian Iranian, Axis. The Axis that would not let the Stabilization in the Region without gaining, grounds. Syrian Regime, would have clutching to Hamas, to keep causing troubles, and save the Regime from Collapsing. Iran, would not let Hamas, compromise without gaining some grounds in the Nuclear Negotiation with the West, and prove its Military Importance in the Region.

Gaza was always alone under the Tremendous Fire from Israel. As it would hit hard, to destroy the Military Machines of Hamas and its other Fighters Groups. Iran send Military weapons to Hamas, to keep it held Hostage to its Agenda. As never interfered in such Violence. Only the Civilians of Gaza Strip pay the High Blooded Price for those playing Chess in the Region.

Israel, by storming on Gaza, recently, has the Target of same had reached with Hezbollah 2006. It wants demilitarization along the Borders with Gaza, as in the South of Lebanon, which is 40 Kilometres away from the Border of North Israel. No Military activities in those Areas.

The Truce would be reached when Hamas, realizes that, No Military assistant, even from Alliance Hezbollah would come forward from the North. Hamas, should weigh out the outcome of this present Destruction, to Gaza, and take Critical Decisions, that if Hamas has any Importance to its Civilian Citizens Lives., and STOP relying on the Bloody Liars Axis, Syria and Iran, and Hezbollah.

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