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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lebanese Parliament Election..

Tomorrow The Parliament First Meeting of New Members to choose New (Old) Speaker of the House, and its New (Old) Deputy.
Mr N. Berri the Proposed to be the Candidate, was the Speaker of the Parliament for at least two decades, and who practiced that much time at this place, should be the Owner of this Property, then we do not  expect any body else to be the SPEAKER.
Mr Berri, who make some Lebanese Leaders to call him a Moderate between Majority and Minority, and he should in this Position for another term, actually he was not. Mr Barri was all the time on the Trouble Makers Stance, of so called Opposition, and made the Country motionless for over three yeas, just to please The Syrian Regime, where Mr berri is very close to.
Mr Berri's actions of closing down the Parliament Doors, when it was very essential to the Lebanese Majority to take economic and financial decisions to relief the troubled Lebanese Life, is not reliable to take this Key Position again, unless there are confirmed commitments from him, to apply all the Constituent Rules of the House, equally between Majority and Minority, as democracy should be.
Mr Berri is an alliance to Hezbollah, who is represented by Mr Naim Kassem, who was caught saying lately, does not matter who won the General Election, nothing will be changed, the New Majority and not (Popular Majority) as he called it, should offer us deals and we will decide how to co-operate. 
According to Mr Kassem, we wonder, why they bothered and took the Lebanese People to elections, and caused all that division between them, while the Country will stay the same and nothing changes, it would be better that, Hezbollah and other religious Factions made a meeting and appoint the Members of the Parliament. As it was in the Syrian Occupation.
Mr Kassem and others, think that Lebanese are just a Herd of Cows and Sheep, all what they need is some one Genius to take them to wherever he wants, without any objections.
Those who Leading the Country by the Voice of the People, should fulfill their Promises while Elections Campaigns took place, and take the Country to Unity and Freedom, otherwise what is the point when the Majority behaves like the Minority as trouble makers.
The Majority won the General Elections Vastly, and should act on this Option.

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