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Friday, 26 June 2009

Third Blow and Could be LAST..

Does not matter how long it takes to see the changes in Iran, once it started, then there should be an outcome of it.
Iran, and its Dictators, proved without any doubt, that their system is a house of Cards like any other regime that collapsed, whence the winds of Democracy Blow.
The Country of millions of Free people, that its resources, were spread on trouble makers Movements in the Middle east and Asia, like Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah, while the Iranian are under pressure of poverty and unemployment. 
The Regime that put, power and tyranny as its priority, it is now, in difficulty of breathing, because Free People of Iran shouted their free words very loud.
Hezbollah in Lebanon, had the First Blow, when the Devils Regime of Syria was forced by Free Lebanese to get out of Lebanon.
The Second Blow when Hezbollah and its Alliance Trouble Makers, lost the General Election on 7 June. Those two occasions brought Hezbollah to its near size on the Lebanese Soil. But the results of the Third blow, certainly will bring Hezbollah to its Real size, which is Lebanese and Shia only.
The Idea of all what wrote above, to say that Hezbollah has no choice, has to settle on its Origins, as a sole Lebanese Party, involved in building the Modern Lebanon, and get rid of its Power's Illusions, supported by Forty Thousands of Iranian Missiles, which would be rusted in its Depots.
As we thought and we were wrong, that Iran will never change, and it happened, would the Free Educated and Civilized Members of Hezbollah make the required Changes, at its Leadership, and sit side by side with other Lebanese Parties to achieve our sole interests in a Country, with Strong Army and State, clean of mini armies and Militia.

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