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Friday, 12 June 2009

The Second Blow..

Now, that the Majority of the Lebanese, has chosen the way they want Lebanon to be, and those who always claimed that, 14 Forces were not the Majority for the last four years are defeated clearly, in the General elections, and it is the second blow to them, the first one , when those Majority of Lebanese, forced the Devil's Syrian Regime out of Lebanon.

Hezbollah the Spear-led the Minority, has admitted the Loss of this election, but is still defiant to let the New majority to rule the Country according to the program they applied for their Election's Campaign. That means, that Hezbollah, is still using its old tactics, to make the process of taking Lebanon to the safe shore,  stands still.

Hebollah never been a political Party, because it was relying on its power of arms, to terrorize its own people, and keep them under its control, though there is a vast opposition in its areas, as it was shown during the Election campaigns of Shia Candidates in the south of Lebanon and other areas, this opposition that is calling truly to join the Vast Majority of others Lebanese factions, to keep our Lebanon away from the Fundamentals of Iran.

In his speech today 14/06/09, the re-elected President of Iran Mr Ahmadinajad, said, that, Democracy is rooted in the Iranian Nations, which we agree with him, that every nation is looking forward for Democracy in the World. But does Ahmadinajad, apply this claim on his wolves in Lebanon, who are trying to prey on 7000 years Democracy in Lebanon. Instead of exporting arms and death to Lebanon, why does not Mr Najad export some Democracy of his country to his Military arm in the South Suburb of Beirut.

Does this Democracy applies in Syria and Iran, and it is banned in Lebanon. It is time that, the Voice who has been  said loudly in the results of the General Election, and gave a vast Majority to the true Leaders of Lebanon, under the umbrella of Our Honest president Mr Micheal Sulaiman, should rule the Country, does not matter if Hazbollah and its Allies like it or not, and any compromise by this Majority is wrong.

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