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Monday, 25 May 2009

The Blue Coulor of the Sky..

At last they have something in common, between the Majority and the Minority Opposition, it is the Blue Sky.
What Mr Berri called yesterday, that he will not forget, as long as the sky is Blue, was as a reply to the Majority, to confirm, that he is on the other side, or is a HINT, to Harriri and Junblatt, that, they will be on the same side and as a BLOCK, to support the President of Lebanon, to carry on and take Lebanon to the Safe Shore, of Freedom.

If it is not to mean, that Mr Berri will put hand to hand with Junblatt after the Election of 7 June, then he should have said: He will not forget, as long as the Sky is YELLOW and GREEN as Hezbollah's colour. 

May be Mr Berri has been convinced now, that Hezbollah will be overtaking AMAL Faction within the Shia, as Mr Berri is a Pro-Syrian.

On the other hand, the Lebanese Authority that dismantled the Web of Agents working for the Enemy in Lebanon, has done the most Complicated Mission in the Lebanese History, and beat the Mossad of Israel, who is the most Sophisticated Intelligence Agency in the World.

We hope that, this same Authority could have dismantled the Web of the Syrian Regime's Agents as well, who are planning to destroy our country, as the Israeli would do. Certainly we never trusted Israel, but we did trust the Syrian Regime, who betrayed the Lebanese People for the last thirty years, and made the damage to Lebanon, more than the wars took place by Israel on us.

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