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Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Octopus..Way

People of Lebanon who really care for the Interests of the Country, are fed up at this point that, His Excellency Mr Saad El Hariri who was given the Authority to form a New Cabinet after the General Election, and up to this date, he is facing the huge Obstacles that, the Minority represented by Hezbollah the Muslim and the Aoun the Christian, putting in his way, hoping that he will quit, and give them the chance to put their hands on the Country again, supported by the Devil's Regime in Syria and the Dictators of Iran, and bring back, the old saying that, Lebanese People cannot run their Country without these Terrorists Interference.

It is time that Harriri, should name his Cabinet Members without giving them the Chance to have any business to do with his constitutional and Sole Lebanese Interests, and this should be done Solely Interior Affairs.

Mr Harriri, gave the Minority more than enough time, to participate with the formation of the New Cabinet, and they played the waste of time for the Benefit of the Two Regimes Interests, putting the Interest of the Lebanese People behind their backs.

Aoun would and will not positively respond to the Harriri good will, because he has his interests with Iran, and that fits with Hezbollah, who is hiding behind him.

Harriri, knows that, they are Blackmailing, by the threat of Civil War if the Minority is not joining the New Cabinet, and they put conditions to force him quit.

These two regimes will never give up playing with Lebanese Security, does not matter what Harriri gives to their Gangsters in Lebanon, because if they got what they want, they will demand more, using their Blackmail's professionalism until Harriri would not give any more, then Slain him.

It is the Octopus way, you cut one arm, it hooks you with other and Suck on your BLOOD.

All the National Leaders who are trying, to play a good will with these two regime are wrong and Naive, and by the end of the day is WASTE TIME.

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