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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Filthy Generale Aoun

The Press conference that Aoun the Clown done couple of days ago, and we heard the Filthy Language he spelt out of his Rotten Mind, which does not fit in the Lebanese Political Culture, and he really proved to be an empty Prick Head, does not fit to be one of the Lebanese Leaders, that had given the Honour to represent a vast number of them in the Parliament.

Before the Election we truly wrote to those, of Christians who voted for him in 2005, not to make the same mistake again and bring him back to Parliament again, but is seems, these vast number of Lebanese are still somewhere far away behind, the concept of meaning of building Good Lebanon and Strong State because of their meaningless interests to invest in this Clown Aoun.

When it comes to SWEARING and use unacceptable Filth to talk to each others as Lebanese ,who are top of the world in Politeness and Respect to others, we can describe this Generale who talks to us, like he was talking to His Sargent during the War against the Syrian, as a Fucking Mother's Cowards Cunt, who ran away and left his troops get excuted by the Syrian troops in Beirut at His Headquarter in Hazmieh, to Paris, where he met the Israelis Musad and The Syrian Mukhabarat at the same time to sell Lebanon Cheap, like his Nasty Speech in his press Conference.

It is really strange that, no one hit him with a Pair of Shoes at that Conference.

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