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Sunday, 11 October 2009

It is the Lebanese to BLAME..

It is regretful that, the Lebanese had reached an extent that, they cannot reach any decision in the Interest of the Country without looking beyond the Borders for HELP.

Those Leaders of Lebanon, taking the Country in Different direction, according to the Good or Bad relations among them. One day the Fate of the country is decided according to the Interests of the Americans, the other day, according to the Interests of Syria, then to the Interests of Iran, and then to the Interests of the Modern Arabs.

The Country is like a SHIP in a Wild Sea, the waves drive that ship into different directions and the Captain and the Crew sit there helpless, with the Passengers have no idea what is happening, and the Crew nothing can do, leaving the Ship to its FATE.

It is the Lebanese who caused the wars among themselves, a thirty years long, once by guns, and other wars by politics, until they lost the Directions of the Interests of our Country. Because the Leaders play the GAMES, according to their Skills, and Personal Interests, and not taking any concern about the People's Opinion, which came out of the General Elections, and there was a Majority who decides and the Minority who enforces terms and conditions, though, they clearly lost the Elections.

The Majority Leaders are helping the Minority to take over the Country by leaning down to the Minority Leaders, who have a different Agenda of the National Interests, and have UNTIED relations beyond the Borders of the Country. Does not matter, what you give to this Minority, they will come up with new demands, and play time, using different instruments, once by causing troubles in the Streets of the Country, or by threatening a civil war if their conditions and terms had not been met, or by deleting the Results of the General Elections, that NO Majority or Minority, they have to share the Authority, and keep the Country under their CONTROL, and not according to the Lebanese Interests but, to the interests beyond the Borders of the country.

We are in doubt now, that, the Majority Leaders who had been given the Authority by the Majority of the Lebanese People, to rule the Country, are capable to do so. Otherwise, there was no point in the Process of the Elections, they could sit together and form a New Cabinet that, fit with the Interest of Syria and Iran, and the USA.

They took the Lebanese People, to the Extent of Extreme Divisions, before the Day of General Elections, and We thought there was no return of bringing the Country to its Best Interests, Democracy, Independence, Sovereignty, and Lebanon for Lebanese.

Majority Leaders: WE ARE DISAPPOINTED.

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