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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Is it a Cabinet that represents Lebanese people..

No doubt that every Lebanese was waiting for the delivery of the New Cabinet in Lebanon. Here it is the FIX UP, a Cabinet that does not represent the Results of the General Election, but a Reconciliation among the Leaders of the Factors of the dividend Parties.

It appears for the first glance, that it is the Unity of them, but the Truth is that, the Results of fixing things up to suit the shares of those Leaders.

This Cabinet has nothing to do with Democracy, and the Constitution of the Country. The Minority forced their terms and conditions, to suit their views and give them Legality to their upper hand in controlling the Country according to the Fact that, Syria and Iran decide the Fate of the Lebanese, and that by their Instruments, represented by Hezbollah and the other pro-Syrian in Lebanon.

Those in the Majority, Harriri and Junblat had given up the fight, and brought back the old system, which says we cannot rule Lebanon without Syrian fingers playing in our Affairs.

In this act the Majority gave a serious blow to the goals, that Lebanese fought for the last five years, after the Syrian Army withdrawal from Lebanon, and it was a serious Disappointment to those seeking Independence, Freedom, and Democracy to the Country.

There is no illusion that, Hezbollah and its Alliance, had really wanted a reconciliation at the mean time, just to give themselves a time to put things together, and it is in their interest to go ahead with this reconciliation, until the right time to put their hands again on controlling the Country the way they planned for long time, and give Lebanese no choice but to follow their Views, where the Country's destiny would be.

The fight was for five months to form this Cabinet, and was formed is to give credit to the Syrians, and this would be repeated in the future in other essential matters of Lebanese Affairs.

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