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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Good News

Mr Berri, said, that the game should be played by Constitutional Basis from now and on. Mr Berrrri, at last remembered the Lebanese Constitution. Always remember these laws when it pays ,the so called Oppositions and in the Cabinet what a Constructive Democracy, Majority and Minority in the same Cabinet, it is a bit funny.

Those who said they resigned from Cabinet, and they should have done that, long time ago, it is done only because, to blame the Americans for the obstacles in the way of Saoudi Syrian efforts, which never have been found, and that according to declaration by the said parties themselves.

We agree, that game should be played solely by democratic rules, but according to the Constitution of Lebanon, and not the way Berrrri wants it.

Harriri should not accept, to form any new cabinet, if it is not from the Majority, who really represent, the Majority of Lebanese People and not the Armed Forced Majority in the Country, and let those play the real oppositions by LAW.

Sure, the so called Opposition and have Cabinet Positions, are not Oppositions, they are destruction bloc within the Cabinet, and this should not be allowed in the future, under any kind of fake reconciliation. They would play the same role of last five years, when they do not get what their planned interests , they go back to their nasty games and put the Country in difficulties, if not in danger.

If, New Cabinet cannot be formed, the Lebanese should go again to POLL, and who wins the Majority should form new government and rule the Country.

That, is called Constitutional basis and Democracy, not Berri's.

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