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Thursday, 13 January 2011

No difference, might be BETTER

The United Government, that lasted fourteen months was nothing but, a divided factions, brought nothing to the Lebanese People, only stress on every day's bad news, it stopped the circulation of Economy, and increased the Lebanese problems, like Education, Health and common livings. 8 March Forces fought to have such Government in Doha, and last week fought to bring it down, which every Lebanese expected that, because they reached to a closed road, and could not reach to their destructive Goals.

Now they are trying to force another Cabinet, with more obstacles, though the first one did not benefit them even the minimum of their demands.

It is benefit off to the Lebanese, with this resigned Government, that cannot do nothing, but just a picture of a Government, 8 March Forces cannot go further to benefit from it, or 14 March Forces have nothing to resign for, that the Indictment came to light, and what it contains is already there, and it could be clear within few weeks. No headaches to the Lebanese, may be those gangs disappear from the TVs monitors.

Lebanese People would be happy to wait until the WANTED NAMES come to light, before any new cabinet formed, that we do not like to see , one of nominated ministers or Prime Minister wanted to Justice, and the results would be devastating.

Our Resigned Cabinet Foreign Minister is not happy that the US Ambassador in Lebanon is interfering in Lebanese Affairs, that had a visit to one Member of Parliament in Zahleh, which is a Lebanese City. This Foreign Minister did not appreciate that, the US Ambassador visited with all respect, this Member in his place, but he will appreciate, HIM and every other Lebanese Official crawling with no self respect to Damascus and Paris seeking their Opinions before they do anything at all, in their Country Lebanon which suppose to be in the Lebanese Interests first.

How can we trust such disrespect people to be our representative in and out side the COUNTRY.

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