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Wednesday, 5 January 2011


We read today in a Newspaper in a section called God's Secrets, that a Senior Security officer had visited Syria recently, and had a confirmed promise to be promoted to a very Sensitive Position in the Lebanese Security System.

As Lebanese when we read such piece of news, we realise that, our Lebanese Leaders or Officers or Religious, all they wait for a signal or a dictated order from abroad to be done in our Country.

By God's Sake, how can we trust all those, to run our Country and protect the Lebanese Sovereignity, Dignity and Independance, that those talking about days and nights.

Frankly, there is no shame or honour left. Those, certainly, the Syrian Regime would not trust them, even to work as garbage collectors in Damascus, but they do what the Regime wants in my Country without questions. The most right thing that, Mr Assad said before his troops left Lebanon is that: Lebanese cannot run their Country without him, and was proved TRUE.

There should be no illusion to any Leader in Lebanon who ever he is, to believe that Lebanese will believe a word saying in their Firing Speeches during General Elections any more.

But, whatever they would be lying for, by then, we will make sure they do not represent us in the House of Parliament next time, and this is FACT.

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