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Monday, 3 January 2011

Palestanians in Lebanon

It is the first time, I read an Article in Alhayat Newspaper, by a respectfull Writer Mr El Shirian, bringing the subject of Palestanians in Camps to this clear and frank views to light.

I support, the demand of the Rights of the Palestanians, for health and education, working permits, and even buying their own accomodations. Because those were in Lebanon for long and they are staying for longer, as long as the Arab and Islamic dictators regimes keep on finguring the Palestanian Issue from one side, and the stuborness of Israel on the other hand, and both are in the same interested boat. Those Leaders do not care a damn dog bone, about the Palestanian's Cause, as long as does not serve their inrterests first.

Also, there is no possibility, that ,the Lebanese Government one day, will force the Palestanian's professinals in Social and Financial activities, like Doctors, Directors, Architects, Engineers, Farmers, and Labours to leave the Country, because they are needed to stay, and whats left is not much to make a problem to Lebanon, if it is supported by International Aides financially.

But, as there are Rights, there are Duties they should abide too.

The main Obstacle, is that, No arms should be allowed in Camps by Palestanians or in Lebanon on any piece of land whatsoever, and should be controlled SOLOLLY by the Lebanese Government, and all those claims that this kind of arms, will protect them from Israeli raids on the camps is a silly lie, because it happened before, and it did not work.

Palestinians in Lebanon should not be loyal to any country beyond Lebanese Boundaries, and linked to their Interests which sometimes contradicts with the Lebanese Interests, otherwise they can move to that country, where other Palestanian live there and be loyal to it.

Until we reach that point, may be in ages, the Government should do all it can ,to make those living in Camps feel like Human Beings, may be some of them will stop to get involed in terror activities, for the SAKE of their families and CAUSE.

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