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Sunday, 24 June 2012

24062012 Sudan. The SPARK...

A Vast Country RICH of many Resources, and a Population, with Poverty its Essential Life Style. With a Regime, confined all sort of Terrorism Organizations and Groups. Head of a Regime accused of Genocide, and Massacres against Humanity, of Darfur, and its own people. A Regime on the FOOT STEPS of its Similar in Damascus.

Dictators, are ONE WAY BRAINS TRAFFIC, they do not want to understand, that they are out of ORDER in our days. Skeletons of Monsters ruling HUMAN BEINGS, with STONE AGE thinking. They are GREED, Tyrants, Human Beings Trafficking.

Sudan, that Half of its Populations and Lands, deserted because of this Regime's Ruling Monsters. The Spark Ignited at the University in the HEART of Khartoum, the young had enough of this Regime's Stupidity. It is the Spark that ignited DERAA in South Syria. The Regime there did not listen to its people but CRUSHED them, and we do not expect this one would listen. In Syria Spark rolled to Revolution, will it be Sudan.

Students Protests in Khartoum University Shouting, DOWN with REGIME...

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