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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Syrian Lebanese relations

The chain of Lebanese officials and so called National leaders visits to Syria, before the diplomatic relation takes place, is not appropriate, because it reminds us of the time the Syrians were in Lebanon (Still there), and they were calling them one by one to report to the Syrian Officials in Damascus, or in Anjer depends on the person position.
All what the regime in Damascus doing is to show the promised open relations to the west, that they still can run the lebanon from Syria.
The Syrians are still in Lebanon and stronger than ever, when the Syrian army was in the country, every one looks at it as occupied army, but now Hubullah is there, Amal is there, part of the Christians is there, lead by the all the times was Syrian alliance Michel Aon, and the spread militia of other parties, in the capital of Beirut. These pro-Syrian factions would cause the troubles in the country whenever the Syrian Regime wants to, they have done that on last august by attacking the peaceful Beirut residents by guns, and few days ago when one of their pro militia attacked the journalist Omar Harcose. They can stop the national election in Lebanon which we hope to take place in May 2009, by killing one of their allience to accuse the majority of the incident and keeps the Lebanese busy, and the Regime does not care if the victim is theirs or enemy once it helps the regime to achieve its goals and most of these goals by killing, and you never know they receive Mr Aon their enemy in the past and their pro in the present, and later they might kill him to show that they have nothing to do with the killing of Mr Hariri and the others who it happened that they are from the Lebanese Majority, and they will tell the world (That they are desparate to make good relations with like USA), they are trying to help the Lebanese, but they are not helping themselves, and this kind murder will split the Christians in Lebanon, and everything will stop there, the election will not take place, and the country goes back to the language of fighting, and then the Syrian Regime will take the chance to jump back to Lebanon.

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