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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Generale to Syria

Certainly, this visit of the Generale to Syria should not be of a surprise, that Mr Aon changed sides from the one of who used to boost that, he is the maestro of the law taken by the American Congress to put sanctions on the Syrian Regime, and the protector of Lebanese Soil and Independence of Lebanon of the occupied Syrian army for two periods of thirty years, (Syrian army withdrew from Lebanon under the Israelis Flag when Israel raided Lebanon 1982, and came back at last quarter of the seventies), to the pro Syrian in line with Husbullah and Amal and the trouble makers the right arm of the Syrian regime such as Palestinian outlaw factions and groups, and Lebanese factions that the Syrian Regime fed during the occupied period of Lebanon.
I wrote to our well know Journalist in Nahar newspaper, two years ago, when Aon returned to Lebanon, and described him as what I thought of him by that time, and it happened its clear now in the following paragraph...

Dear Mr Hamada
Now that you are the first to point out very essential details about Mr Aoun, in which we were waiting for. Mr Aoun was ousted by the Syrian fifteen years ago, they accused him of corruption and steeling the public money, then they brought him back to cause a problem to the Lebanese by supporting him against those are fighting to free the country from the evil Syrian regime, by either he would be the next president or Lahoud stays. He is the one who failed the Independence project of the Lebanese people, he is the one who is floating the drowned Syrian Regime supporters. He is a wolf in a sheep skin, he is the Horse of Troyed, the devils are using him to keep us down in the swumps of dictatorship and deny us our freedom. The Christians who brought him to power should not make the mistake twice in the next elections. khaled

Well now that we are at the threshold of general election, the Christian should not make the same mistake that was done in the near past. Aon can go anywhere he likes, because Lebanon is the Oldest Democratic country in History since the Phoenicians, and to make Aon not to represent us while he is visiting his masters, is the general election, when he would not be in the House of Commons (The People,s House), where is the Authority of People of Lebanon.

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