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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It is certain that, this visit of the Genarale to the Syrian Regime, is not to be introduced to the professionals of exporting terror to Lebanon and to any other country that do not agree with its Mideast policy. The Genarale was called to Syria to discuss his future in the Lebanese general elections in May 2009. The Regime has to assess his situation that it might not be in any value within the Syrian policy in Lebanon for the following reasons:
1st- He cannot change any behaviours of the Regime towards Lebanon, because who planned the this policy are still the same professionals in the this Regime.
2- he was kicked out of Lebanon by the same professionals in this Regime, and caused the occupation of the Majority Christians areas of Lebanon.
3- He was brought back to Lebanon to play a role that he would replace those who deny the Syrians presence in the Majority Christians areas, he succeeded at the beginning ( That's why he is a member of Lebanese Parliament), because the Lebanese peoples who voted for him were deceived by his articles and meetings in the West winding up against the Syrians occupation of Lebanon, and should be punished for the devils Regime murderous and looting of the country,s resources and economy which caused a deficit of $32 billions, and the Regime should pay compensations to those who lost their lives and disappeared by the Mukhabarat, but we know that this Regime does not give, it always takes. and this visit is to take from him not to give anything.
4- Because of his unstable policy in the Lebanese politics and changes according to his mode or may be by his financial comfort, and also may be he always was a failer in military plans in the past and his unbelievable plans for the Lebanese people in the future, (The arms should be with every Lebanese to fight the enemy, to create a Nation of Resistance and Militia ), and that certainly to confirm the legality of Husbullah arms, so instead of Husbullah Holy Resistance, we will have Lebanon Holy Resistance.
5- In fact the Genarale is a small chess item on the Regimes table, his recent Masters Husbullah are stronger and they have branches in every nearby countries and they have missiles and stores of guns and rockets, and in a moment their leader Imad Meghnieh was gunned down in the middle of Mukhabarat territory in Damascus, and Husbullah could not make a comment that The Syrian Regime is behind this killing, though Husbullah is fully supported by Iran.
6- The Regime will try to find more effective individuals in the Christians area, and this may mend what the Genarale missed in last few years as a self promoted leader of the Christians in Lebanon.
Usually, good relations between two countries would be done after changes took place in one of them or the one who caused the troubles to the other, but in the Genarale case does not apply.

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