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Friday, 12 December 2008

Assad the Head of the Devils Regime in Syria, announced, when the Generale was in his arms, that if he is asked to choose between Lebanon a piece of Paradise and Hell, he would choose not to come back to Lebanon, but Assad asked himself to choose between Paradise and Hell, sure he can not choose Hell, because it is not his choice, it is the choice of the International Court who will send him to hell. If he ever watched the video footage of the execution of Saddam Hussein, he would not choose hell while it is right there in front of his terrified eyes.
The Generale, said that he did not mention with his Host, Lebanese General Election in May 2009, which no one with common sense would believe that. He said those had been missing while the regime's forces were in Lebanon, or those still in its torturing underground cells in Syria, this case was left to the Committee who is following it between the two countries, but he assured that, they will be back to the last one of them on time, and we can figure out the right time in advance, which is before the General Election, that will give him the kick off from the Syrian Regime, and the Regime knows how to cause difficulties to the Lebanese people by those working for it in Lebanon.
The fact is that, does not matter what it would cost the Lebanese, they kicked out the Devils Regime forces out of Lebanon, when they said their word in April 2005, and in the coming Election they will kick the Devils Regime alliance out of our House of People of Lebanon the Piece of Paradise.

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