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Saturday, 13 December 2008

We understand from the press conference by Mr Talal Urslan in Khalde yesterday, that Mr Jumblat was really under siege in Beirut in 7th May last year, by Hezbollah's gangsters, and Jumblat authorized him to help him out of this situation.
It was clear by that time that this authority given to Mr Urslan was rejected from most of the Jumblat supporter in the area, and if he understood this authority to protect us from the invaders, he was really wrong. We with no doubt know that Mr Urslan is one of the strong supporters of Hezbollah and the Devils regime in Syria, and we never believed in this authority given to him, and it was given to make safe for himself as well, because if it happened and Hezbollah's gangsters entered the area in the mountains, there would be a war against the invaders, and it is not allowed for him to be against them by orders from the Syrians. Mr Urslan cannot be on both sides, while he was playing this game, we know very well that he is on the side of Hezbollah and those who have plans to destroy the country in case they lost the General election

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