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Monday, 8 December 2008

Khosh Bosh diplomatic relationship with Syrians

The fact that the Christians should not repeat the mistake of 2005 election and brought The Genarale to certain power, is clear as crystal now. That reception in Syria was the trimming of the power of our president Michael Sulaiman in the Christian areas, and to divide them, because the coming days will prove that the election Battle is in the Christians areas which will give the Lebanese majority of those want Lebanon 100% independent.
The Regime in Syria accepted the Idea of diplomatic relations between the two countries because the pressure done by the French who gave the Syrians the first injection to come back to the world's planet. But on the other hand, the devils Regime is playing the game as (Khosh Bosh), as one of the National Lebanese leaders called it, they never changed the way of calling and talking to the so called its Lebanese Alliance to wash their brains and export them back to the Battle field in Beirut, and by doing this will turn the Ambassadors of both countries as dummies. We see a stream of politicians running to Damascus those non officials, and because we are a democratic country if the Regime likes it or not, they are allowed to do so, but where are the Syrian politicians fit in this process, are they allowed to make individual contacts to our Officials and President in specific, must be this in there dreams, because we have a very bad experience in this direction, when the most educated personnels in Syria, declared that they support Lebanese Independence they were arrested and still in the devils Regime jails torturing them, some of them without trials and some of them have release court orders and still in jails. This is the Regime that is supported by Husbullah, Amal, Palestinians out laws and the night bats of Lebanon. We will give our lives away and not to apply such regime in Lebanon, and this is a fact too.

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