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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Its clear that who celebrated the incident of throwing a shoe towards the presidents of Iraq and America are bunch of idiots. Bush was wrong of the war in Iraq and he admitted that, the reasons were not founded, but Bush put an end to the dictator who was forcing his boots at Mr Alzeidy and millions of Iraqis necks. If Mr alzeidy thought twice before he had done that, he should have thrown that shoes at the leaders who are sending car bombs and mercenaries to cause death and shredding his country, and Mr Alzeidy as a civilized Journalist knows very well who they are damaging his country, and certainly not Mr Bush. Alzeidy has done that for money and nothing else, and one day we would know who were behind it. If it is not Mr Bush we never could have liberated Iraq or Lebanon, and kicked the dictators out of our lives.
I do not think that incident would please the coming president of America Mr Barack Hussein Obama. That incident was an insult for the American People as big as 11 September planes crashing on New York Towers.
No one in this world would be pleased with idiots celebrating with such none sense action.

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