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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Lebanon and Israel

It is true that the Palestinian Issue is the main problem in the Mideast, but the Palestinian are divided, and can hear it clearly that the Israelis do not know with whom they have to negotiate. But the Israelis know with whom to negotiate on the Syrian side, and that put priority to these negotiations supported by the New American Administration, and they want Lebanon to engage talking to Israel, about Shebaa Farms and supplements.
If the Syrian had never put it seriously to the United Nation that these farms belong to Lebanon, logically the farms stay as Syrian lands. On the other hand, the Syrians have indirect negotiations with Israel (Could be direct, you can not trust them), about Golan Heights and never mentioned Shebaa Farms, where they say verbally it is Lebanese, and never in writing, to keep doubt on this issue, to cause internal troubles in Lebanon. If it is proved to the United Nation that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese lands, Israel should withdraw from the area and there is no need for negotiations whatsoever, that was applied in the United nation Resolution 1701. The Americans should put more pressure on the Syrians to sort Shebaa Farms issue and on the Israelis to withdraw out of that area.
The Lebanese Officials are absolutely right not to engage with any talks with Israel at this stage.

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