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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The whole world has seen a shoe flying over two presidents of two countries in Iraq, the Iraqi president tried to protect his guest, while the guest was busy to find out the size of the shoes which confirmed 10. It was really lot of sense of humour from Mr Bush. But the funniest is that who threw the shoes was a journalist who suppose to be the face of the country's culture, because through these civilized persons you can tell what kind of country he is representing.

We know when Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq, his boots were on every body's neck from all religious groups in Iraq and certainly this journalist had no place in the hall where they do press conferences. Now because the Americans has liberated Iraq, these kind people has ther freedom to prove that they are ungrateful to that, they threw a boot at the president of the Americans who helped the Iraqis, and the American Taxpayer paid most of the cost.

This incident pleased one of Hezbollah leaders who commented that, Mr Bush deserved this kind goodbye, this man enjoys working for dictators whose boots on every body's neck, because he acts by the remote control by them, and gave him the power to use his shoes on his people's necks as well, and keep them brain washed.

In his televised speech Ayatollah Nusrallah emphasized that Muslim should help brother Muslim anywhere in this world, which is a fact, that's why Hezbollah closed the City Centre of Beirut for two years to help Muslims of Beirut to get better life and good businesses, and that is why Hezbollah attacked Beirut streets and killed and looted and burned his Muslim brothers properties, and that is why he dragged the country into war with Israel in July 2006, that the enemy destroyed most of Lebanon and the worst part was the South of Lebanon and those killed were his Muslim Brothers. Now we do not know who are the brothers Muslim he is talking about.

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