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Monday, 22 December 2008

We read today what The Generale told a Bahrain News paper, that Syria is concerned about its weak side from Lebanon. This Clown lives in different world, certainly he was watching the Syrian Army withdrawing from Lebanon, when Israel raided Lebanon 1982, and this army passed under the Israel Flag in Soufer Town 20 kilometers away from Damascus in the mountains. That time, there was no weak side for the Devils Regime, there was the whole Syrian army of forty thousands Soldiers on Lebanon Lands. The Devil's Regime is protected by Israel and it will never ever fight against it. We say the only weak side in the war with Israel is Golan Heights, let the Regime in Syrian strengthen it first and then talk about Lebanon.
On the other hand, the powerful countries in the world are giving Lebanon the best arms they have, because they decided to keep this country as the The Fixed North Star in this region, and hands off it all those trying to destroy it. Now that Lebanon will have Mig 29, Tanks M60 and choppers fighters, the only Arms kind left are the long range missiles which we have 40,000 of them in Hezbollah stores, then we do not need anything else to make the mighty Lebanon and make a Stand against Israel if it decided to attack us. If we have Shibaa Farms returned to us and it will, why Israel would attack us, after that there is no reason to start a war against us.
The problem is that Hezbollah will not agree to give those forty thousands rockets to Lebanon, because their decision is connected to Syria and Iran, and as long as Hezbollah owns them, Israel might attack us.

Assad might visit Lebanon after the Lebanese General Election hoping that the Opposition will win it, because the Devil's Regime doing its best to make a place in Lebanon. We say this visit will never happens, for two reasons: First, he will be busy to what the International Court developments after March 2009,
and second, the Lebanese people can not be stupid enough twice to make the Opposition wins this election.

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