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Friday, 26 December 2008

What they want

We understand that if you have clear views of what your goals are, you do your best to acheive them, but you can not acheive anything if there is a contradiction of what you want and work against it.
The Regime in Syria wants to regain the Golan Heights, but if it has lebanon it will drop Golan Heights.
The same Regime is a strong supporter to Iran, and it is negotiating with Israel, who is Iran's enemy.
It is a strong supporter to Hezbollah who can not hear of Israel's name without causing war with it.
It is using Turkey to mediate with Israel while it was an enemy to Turkey for sixty years because of the Alskendaron land that Turkey nicked from Syrian Land.
It is negotiating with Israel and, Israel is preparing an attack on the neuclear intallations of Iran which is a strong Alliance to Syria.
It is calling for Paletenian Rights in Gaza and deny the Syrian people's Rights.
It was fully supporting the Saudis when they were paying the Regime, and now they are not on good terms.
It wants to win the Lebanese General Election by its Lebanese followers, and if it finds out they are not, it will blow this election.
It (The Devils Regime) supports, the President of Lebanon, and they support any one that gives this president troubles to make his term useless.
It wants Diplomatic Relations with Lebanon, and on the other hand ignores it, and calls the Pro Syrians, Lebanese leaders one by one to give them its instructions to destroy Lebanon, if it could not have its interest maintained.
It is with the Shia in Lebanon and against them in Iraq, using Al Qaeda against them.
It never agreed that Lebanon had any contacts with Israel without Syria, now it does because it started one.
It wants the support of the Arab world, and it is working against the interest of the Arab world by its strong ties to the Regime in Iran.
It is an amazing way of working to acheive its goals.

Hezbollah is a very strong alliance to the Regime in Syria, beause it is passing all kind of arms and men to Lebanon.
It is a strong enemy to Israel, while its Regime in Syria is strongly negotiating with Israel.
It is strongly wants to control Lebanon even if it is against the Majority of the Lebanese People.
Hezbollah agreed for the International forces to be deployed in the South of Lebanon, and now it is working against it.
Hezbollah wants to control the Shia in Lebanon against the Lebanese Government, and blaming the Government of neglecting the Shia intersts.
Hezbollah is against the negotiations of The Regime in Syria with Israel, and it is a strong supporter of the Syrian Regime.
It is desperatly wants to keep its weapons as Resistance, and it uses these weapons against peaceful people of Lebanon.
It is calling for strong Lebanese State, while is doing its best to keep the State as weak as possible.
Hezbollah wants to be the only party to represent the Shia in Lebanon, and threatens any one of the opposition Shia if they try to speak for the Shia true interests in Lebanon.
It is an enemy to the Americans, while its Headquarters in Iran and Operating system in Syria are desperatly want the Americans to negotiate and have good relationship with them.
Certainly, The Regime in Syria, Iran and Hebollah, speak the same language which we do not understand.

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