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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Bit of this and a Bit of that.....

Since the first visit of Mr Sarkuzi to Syria, and the Issue of Diplomatic Relations between Syria and Lebanon, is the main talk of the Officials of our country.

Lebanon, joyed the Stance and only Stance was taken by the Syrian Regime, to open the door for Natural Relations on all levels. Lebanon had done every move possible to put this First step in force, and had the Accommodations and the Name of the has to be Ambassador in Syria, and then, all quite. No news from Syria.

Then the Second visit of Mr Sarkuzi to Lebanon then Syria. Syria gave the Go Ahead for the Accommodations and the Staff who are running the Diplomatic Relations for the time being, but no Name of the suppose to be Ambassador in Lebanon.
Then a French Envoy in Beirut, and might be in Syria as well, another Bit, Syria approved the Name of the Lebanese, Ambassador in Damascus. But no News about the Syrian Ambassador in Lebanon, for this Bit, may be it needs another visit by Mr Sarkuzi to Damascus, and the Superman name would be released.

The Syrian, are right why the rush of taking any speedy action, to put the relations between the two countries in place, while Our Officials in Lebanon are by Queue to visit the Holy Land Syria, though every move is covered by our government, to give the Syrian Regime anything without any returns. Our government should learn by now, to take more than to give free, as exactly what the Syrians are doing, every single ordinary person knows what the Regime in Syria wants, from Lebanon, so why our government waste its reputation in this process.

The Fact is that, every move the Syrians do, needs a visit from the French President or his Representatives, so the French should be there all the times. It is more logic if the French Ambassador in Syria, represents Lebanon, and the French Ambassador in Lebanon represents Syria, that would cost the French President less time and efforts to put these Relations in place, and save the cost of buildings and Staff in both countries.

Natural Relations between the two countries in the Syrian log book, are: The Syrian Regime should have the Majority that represents it in our Parliament, and receive orders and instructions how to run our country, take decisions to pester Israel whenever it suits the Indirect and Direct Negotiations, and cause troubles in the South of Lebanon by the Pro Syrians, and last that Our President should be a Dummy in their hands as the previous one used to be.

So, till when Our Government has to give that Regime everything, to a Bit of this and a Bit of that in return.

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