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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Government taking the Piss from Berri for Second Time

The disaster that brought to Lebanon in July 2006, is not disclosed yet. Sinuora's Government by that time, had done its best to stop the war on Lebanon, and the Prime minister shed tears to attract the world's attention, to help us.

The war stopped, and many countries came forward to donate and help building Lebanon. Hezbollah and Amel Factions, promised the people of South Lebanon, and South Suburb of Beirut for an urgent and quick compensations suppose to be paid by Iran, who was the cause of this Disaster.

Few months later, Our Prime Minister and the Government were accused of collaborating with the enemy on war against Hezbollah, and the troubles started, by occupying the Centre of Beirut, and Mr Berri locked the doors of the Parliament and took the keys Home.

Upon those serious behaviours most of the countries that were willing to help, had pulled out, and little came through, and the Government that was under fire from Mr Berri and the President at that time, there was stalemate situation, and the Government was tied up, and has to find the funds for those houses and properties destroyed, and gave the money to the Lebanese without discrimination. While there was no explanation from Hezbollah or Amel about the money coming from Iran, and how was paid to the people of South Lebanon.

For the second time, Mr Berri throws the Government with his high demands and accusations of denying funds for social services to South of Lebanon, though, despite the obstacles that Mr Berri put in front of the Government by closing the Parliament, the Government spent as much as possible for the people of South Lebanon. But without the decisions and legislation's of the budget by the Parliament, the Government could not fulfil all the promises (Taken by Hezbollah and Amel), to people of South Lebanon, and that made the need of finding money elsewhere.

Mr Berri, by insisting on his demands for huge funds from the Budget of this year, made the Government hesitate to spend on urgent projects for other areas of the country, and again he put the obstacles to stalemate situation.

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