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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Supporting the President...

While the coming General Elections on the way, we expect the increase of competition fever in the coming couple of months, and every party trying to attract the voters to its side, by mutual accusations.

The Present Majority of 14 March Forces thinks that, arms in the hands of 8 March Forces, will have a great impact on the Lebanese Peoples, that armed side against peaceful side, will make those against the armed side hesitate to go to the Poll, because of fears and concern. Because of previous attack on Beirut and Mountains of Lebanon.

The Minority, thinks that Arms and Guns are necessary to deter Israel from thinking of taking any move towards Lebanon, and they want the Lebanese to vote supporting their Views.

There is another group who wants to compete in this Election and called the Independents.

Now the Lebanese Peoples are faced by these three groups and they have to choose their June Elections representatives to the Parliament.

14 March Forces are supported by the Majority of the Lebanese peoples, and that was proved in many occasions, as well in coming events of 14 Feb the Anniversary of the Assassination of PM Rafik Al Hariri, and this Group believes in Independence, Democratic and Free Lebanon of all the outside Arabs and International interference in its Internal Affairs. They believe in a peaceful solution for the Arabs Israeli Issue, and Palestinians in specific, through Diplomatic dialogues.

8 March Forces, the Minority, supported by the Minority of the Lebanese Peoples, want the Resistance to be the Centre of this coming Elections issue, and wants the Lebanese to vote on these basis, a Resistance that should domain all Lebanon, is the only way to deter Israel and solve the Arabs Israeli Issue and Palestinians in specific. Though these Forces are supported by some regions countries like Iran and Syria. Taking into account that, if these two countries have maintained their interests with the West and USA in specific, as soon as possible, they will sell this Resistance in the Black Market.

The Independent Group, believe that if they are the Lebanese Peoples Representatives in the Parliament, will maintain the Sole Lebanese Interests, and at a distance from 14 March forces, and 8 March Forces, and they will Support the President of Lebanon all times, to take the country into Safe Shore, away from all those trying to interfere into our Affairs. 8 March Forces accuse this Group, as an Additional Wing for 14 March Forces, who are supporting the Group,s Creation.
The President said that, will not support any side, and he is at the same distance from all parties, and welcomes any side wins the General Elections.

Actually, all the three groups should support the President without exception, because he was elected by all Parties, in a very difficult circumstances, and Our President does not want to play the role of previous one Emile Lahoud who was a Dummy on the Syrian Chess Table.

The third Independent Group should be fully independent from both Parties 8 March and 14 March, regarding any issue that it is not in the Interest of Our Country, and because Lebanon is a Democratic Country, we should welcome this Variety of Politicians.

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