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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hamas!!!! Stop the Stupid Rockets....

Hamas should stop these stupid rockets, and take the Egyptian Initiatives Truce into account, that is the most logic stance Hamas Brain Washed Leaders should do now and right there. Those who are screaming and shouting, that Hamas is still strong and still sending rockets to Israel to prove that it is still fighting, and the Invasion did not change anything on the ground are Butchers of the Palestinian people. Every rocket Hamas sending into Israel takes five Palestinian civilians with it to slaughter by retaliation from Israel. Is that, what you call Victorious. No country in the world gives you, your rights out of the Enemy, if you are not united to stand for these rights in one Palestinian National Decision and one peaceful Palestinian Front.

Hamas should take the opportunity to go with the Truce Plans, that the Egyptian forwarded to the world, and it seems that it was considered by the West countries, who are supporting Israel and some good Arabs and Israel itself, this is the only way out to silence the guns and save the Gazans from slaughter. It is almost two weeks and no military help had come through from those encouraged Hamas to take this mess, and woke up the Israelis Slaughter Machines.

It is right sense that Hezbollah still out of this round of war against the Palestinians, though there was information, that the Syrian Devils Regime asked Hezbollah to take part in it. It is the first time that Hezbollah Leaders think and consider the Lebanese Interest as Priority, for certain reasons will come to the surface later on.

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