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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Iran and Syria rushing in.

A couple of years ago, Iran vowed by its Hezbollah and supporters to defeat the USA in Lebanon, though USA has no army, tanks and rockets on the Lebanese Land, and they tried their best to cripple the country's Economy and Authorities to the minimum, for two and half years, and the Majority of Lebanese people reacted softly just to keep Lebanon in one piece.

Since the attacks started on the Gaza Strip, and Iran and its alliance kept blaming and winding the Arab world and Muslims against the most peaceful countries Egypt and Sauodia, and accused them of lining up with Israel to finish Hamas in Gaza, for the favour of Mahmoud Abbas. The first blow came from Hamas officials admitted that Egypt is doing its best to help the Gazan in the South. The second blow came from the West where they want a halt and permanent cease fire in Gaza. Both blows made Iran not comfortable in this situation, and Hamas is getting weaker every day specially, when the Ground Israeli Offensive started yesterday, and they know that Israel is getting to make sure that Hamas will never send rockets after this war into Israel, which defy the claims by Hamas that, will be stronger and the only Palestinian Representative to the peace process. This claim by Hamas is deepening the division between the Palestinians themselves.

The Arab efforts failed to put an end to this war, which the Iranians and Syrians gave chance to them, now they emerged in, to help Hamas out before its too late, and they are calling for top Arab Summit to take decisions to the levels of the devastating situation.

But Iran since this devastating situation started never mentioned that, they will defeat Israel in Gaza.
May be this Iran would engage to defeat enemies only when there are no army or tanks and rockets involved in the fight. They kept Lebanese people in misery for two and half years just to defeat USA in Lebanon.

Iran plans now, are that, the Arabs failed to stop the war on Gaza, and the world failed as well to put enough pressure on Israel, and we are here to help positively as we are the Mother of Hamas, and give the world a chance for limited time, and if Israel does not stop, we will cause a lot of troubles to this area, as the Syrian president mentioned recently to the New American Management, that we can help to make peace, and if not troubles as well.

The possibility is still high, that, Iran will play a role for a little while, and if the situation worsening in Gaza, it would make Hezbollah to engage in this war to ease pressure off Hamas, and drag Lebanon to the dirty mess, as July 2006, and could be worse.

It is very essential that, the Palestinian themselves, put an end to their problems and unite for the time being to stand up to their rights, and tell the whole world including the Arabs and the trouble maker Iran to put their hands off your Cause, and negotiate with your enemy according to your terms and beliefs.

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