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Friday, 9 January 2009

Fire Works into North Israel

It is clear now, that no garantees not to drag Lebanon to Hostilities with Israel. Those who planted the rockets in South Lebanon two weeks ago, and send them into Israel this time of yesterday, were a trial was done by a Gang Group, that certainly known to Hezbollah, though Hezbollah Leaders claimed that they have nothing to do with those rockets, because they do not do something like that, and hide.

First time they accused Israel that planted those rockets, to show that it can break through the UN and Lebanese Army in the South, and Hezbollah Leaders have the ability to convince the Public this time, that Israel planted those rockets and fired them on itself too, to get Lebanon involved in this war, and Israel will revenge for its failure in July 2006 not finishing Hezbollah. Of course this conclusion is an illusion.

No one will believe that those rockets had been carried all the way from Palestinian camps out side the demoralized Area of south Allitani , to the deep side of south Lebanon and shot into Israel. Those rockets were locally stored for a time like this, and while Hezbollah has the best Intelligence System working in that area, certainly they know who was behind this action. Hezbollah who is claiming that, it wants a strong Lebanese State and it is represented in its Government, should inform the government before that happened, and not leave it in the dark as it was on the war of July 2006, but Hezbollah wants to see the reaction of this action by a group that concealled under its wings.

Egypt had direct negotiation with Israel, and got back all the occupied lands of that time by Israel, and Egypt never used any kind of Outlaws Groups to cause troubles to its Arab neighbours to put pressure on Israel during those negotiations, as it happens now, that the Regime in Syria using Palestinian Outlaws to cause troubles in South Lebanon and get engaged in war with Israel, just because Syria wants direct negotiations,and Israel is not rushing for it.

If the Palestinian Outlaws Groups are really concerned about what is happening to their Brothers in Gaza, they should help them in Gaza and not in South Lebanon, or they put pressure on Syria to have a word with the Ayatollahs country Iran to attack Israel with several 500 kilometers long rage missiles, would be more effective than the Kids Fire Works into North Israel from Lebanon. Or they take The Genarale Michael Aoun as Field Marshall to Gaza to run the war against Israel, may be the war ends in faster time.

Those who fired rockets from South Lebanon should be brought to Justice under the act of terrorism, intending to harm the Lebanese people, and the Goverment should tell the people openly the truth who was behind this action.

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