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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lebanon the Mini Market

There is persistence that the outlaws will drag Lebanon to confrontation with Israel, repeating of firing kid's fireworks into North Israel. Certainly Hezbollah has nothing to do with this action, and pretend to support the Lebanese Government that, this should not happen in the South of Lebanon to avoid being in the middle of the storm.

But, if Israel responded to a bigger incident that, those useless rockets caused casualties in North Israel, and starting to attack the Hideouts of those Outlaws in Lebanon, which Israel knows who they are, certainly Hezbollah would have reason to respond to these attacks, with its Missiles Arsenal, because Israel will be attacking Lebanese Land, then the war would be inevitable and Hezbollah is not the one who started it, and will fulfil its promise to divert the pressure off Gaza and help his Palestinian Muslims Brothers, and can not be blamed as in July 2006.

On other hand, its not enough that Lebanon consists of so many contradicted factions on its land, and they count more than a Mini Market grocery items, one just came to the light yesterday called The Arab Muslims Resistance, and it is located in the South of Lebanon ,where Hezbollah has the Monopoly of controlling this area. This Group is calling to the Lebanese and the Arabs to join in, like we did not have enough Arabs and other nationalities on our Land for the last thirty years, so we have more training camps, more rockets and guns and more divisions among the Lebanese, and it seems the Lebanese Government would be busier counting the number of factions on the Lebanese Land.

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