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Monday, 12 January 2009

Endless troubles in South Lebanon...

It seems that some trouble makers group would not stop trying to drag Lebanon to confrontation with vicious enemy Israel. After two incidents of planting fire works Katusha missiles in the South of Lebanon, came to the surface the Garbage Truck they entered to blow up the Italian post of the united Nations. For the last two incidents the investigations fell short to uncover those who were behind them, but now the Government has two detainees who brought this truck to the post, and they must be well connected to those tried before to cause trouble in the South, the Lebanese Public should know who they are and their plans that would bring destruction and misery to the Lebanese and to those supporting them as well.

Hamas who overturned power in Gaza almost two years ago and executed and deported its rivals to the West Bank, is in critical situations, and it keeps rejecting all the resolutions that would stop the flow of the Gazans Civilians blood, and their Leaders Khaled Mashaal and others in Syria dictating conditions and threatening the destruction of Israel, to the last drop of civilians blood, and we have not seen this Leader flying to Gaza and fight side by side with those repelling the Israeli aggression, He is there to receive instructions from those who have ballistic missiles that can reach Israel by pressing a finger button, and those missiles never been fired. The best thing , is that those Leaders abroad to stop talking and leave those inside do what is in their interest.

West bank Palestinian Authority is extending a hand to those one day denied it, and trying to help them out of this devastating situation, and Hamas should respond positively and step up contacts with the Palestinian Authority to unify Palestinian decisions that would stop this bloody war, and push away those selling and buying the Palestinian Cause, as Al Jasim of Qatar said yesterday who has very good Diplomatic Relations with Israel.

Egypt, is the only Arab Country that working with trust and faith to take out the Palestinians in Gaza out of this misery, but within its sovereignty.
Hamas should stop beating in the bush, and go straight forward, and put hands with the West Bank Authority and face your enemy together now and in the future, and turn your face away from those selling and buying your Cause. Your Unity now will save more divisions among the Palestinians when the war stops later.

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