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Friday, 16 January 2009

Doha Talking and Cairo Working...

What would happen in Doha Consulting Summit. Priority of these meeting, is to Legalize Hamas as The Main Representative of the Palestinians, because it confronted the Israeli Army's War against the Palestinians in Gaza and the cost was very high, and to prove that The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank did not do much to stop Israel caused this Massacre in Gaza, and the Leaders of Hamas abroad like Mashaal and Marzouk in Damascus are ready to replace Abbas.

On the other hand, to keep the threat on the Lebanese People that, those in Doha will use Lebanon and Hezbollah Arsenal in specific, against Israel if it did not stop the War on Hamas who is trying to topple the Rule of Hamas in Gaza.

The President of Lebanon is in Doha to attend this meeting today, because Lebanon was always sided out of the Arabs Differences, and always calling for Arabs Unity on the interests that benefits the Palestinian Cause. Lebanon is also supporting the negotiations that taking place in Cairo to force Israel to stop the Massacre in Gaza. It is not sure yet that some of those Leaders in Doha really care about Lebanon, and their goals are to save Hamas and keep Palestinians divided and destroy Lebanon as well. Therefore our President should tell those in Doha that, we will do our best to support the Palestinians in many different ways, but do not think for a moment that you will drag Lebanon into a disaster that you caused in Gaza.

Hamas in Gaza should have taken courageous decisions to stop firing useless rockets into Israel, and save thousands of Gazans casualties, instead waiting for destructive decisions that imported from Syria and Iran, who done nothing but screaming and shouting in the streets demanding the destruction of Israel and weeping and crying on the slainned Palestinian in Gaza, one minute they are asking the World to force Israel to stop this Massacre, and in another they blaming the World not doing enough.

Hamas to claim victory, has to keep counting those killed in Gaza streets by thousands and hesitating to stop firing rockets, giving Israel the chance to carry on Palestinian slaughters, where we blame Israel, as if those killed are Israelis and not Hamas People, and by dragging the Palestinian into this Massacre would not make Hamas the Legitimate Representative, because when this bloody war stops, the Palestinians themselves will look back to those Hamas Leaders who caused this mess.

The only way out, and to stop these huge losses of Hamas in Gaza should take the Egyptian's Initiatives into account, because Egypt was the only country that dealt with the Palestinian cause in a very true intentions.

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