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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Aoun the Cloune or Karakose..

This Generale has put so many hats on his head, and every one of them took him to different directions until this Man lost his way...and mind.

Since his return to Lebanon by the Syrian Order, he changed from dancing Waltz with the Lebanese Christians, to dancing Rock'n'Roll with the Wolves. Aoun who toured the West to deliver the Lebanese Message against the Syrians Fostering Lebanon for thirty years, and convinced the Americans to punish the Syrian Regime of the crimes took place within that period of time, now he is behaving badly as much as the Syrian Regime did.

Aoun was given the Christians Majority in the 2005 Elections, because he was dancing Waltz with them, and certainly he changed the Dance, they changed their minds as well.

The First step he did, he signed the Understanding Agreement with Hezbollah, to show that Muslims and Shia have something in common. But that was not the main reason. That step was one of the conditions, on the List of his return to Lebanon. Actually no need for any religious party in Lebanon to sign any such agreement. All the political parties in Lebanon have mixed kinds and colours of Lebanese People, such as Muslim Sunni with Maronite, Druze with Shia and all Christians, but that Understanding Agreement between Hezbollah and Aoun was a condition to put Shia and Christians in Hezbollah Grid, because Hezbollah is a Fundamental Sole Shia Militia.
Two days ago, Aoun fired threats to his opponents, by cutting their tongues and hands, if they dared and criticized his political policy or him personally, and he was talking the same language Bashar Assad, told The Assassinated PM Hariri and Jumblatt, that Bashar will demolish Lebanon on their Heads if they do not agree and extend the Presidential Terms for Lahoud. The result was that the Syrian Regime was kicked out of Lebanon.

Actually, The Genarale should start by himself, cutting his tongue, because he lied to two millions Christians in Lebanon, to maintain the Christians Majority in Elections 2005, and should cut his hand, that he shook hands with the Murderers who destroyed our country in thirty years time, and assassinated most of our National Leaders and the car bombs that killed thousands of the innocent Lebanese Peoples, and he should be kicked out of the Parliament as Representative of Lebanese Christians.

Aoun who always said that, those Christians Members in the Parliament won the 2005 Election do not represent us, because they won by the Sunni Muslim votes. Will he accept to win 2009 Elections by Muslim Shia votes, because the Christians will not vote for him and that for SURE.

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