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Monday, 2 February 2009

Hamas CopyCat Hezrbollah..

Probably the reason that BBC refrained of advertising for donations to the Need to Gaza, was not only that it is practicing the Impartially donations. The main reason is that, the BBC to remind Hamas and the other factions in the Area, of the Kidnapping of their English Reporter couple of years ago, and it took them three months before they secured his freedom. So the demonstrations that took place in London were waste of time. BBC was the only Broad Casters that took sides with the Palestinians for many many years, and Hamas and the other Factions were ungrateful and practiced the kidnapping, and tried to black mail the Company and gain advantages in that process. Until few days ago we read e-mail on BBC TV, saying your reporters are in danger in the Area, because of your action.

For God's Sake how come we ask the World to help the people of Gaza, and the threat that Hamas and other Factions of continuing the war against Israel, who is going to pay money to help the civilians building their destroyed properties and the threat of destroying them again, is still standing.

In Lebanon most of the countries that offered help to build Lebanon after July 2006, pulled out because of the behaviours of Hezbollah and other outlaws, in the streets of Beirut, and the threat of Hezbollah engaged in war with Israel still standing.
Hamas, should know that Hezbollah failed to black mail the Lebanese people, and make its presence Legitimate in Lebanon, because the Majority of the Lebanese believe that Hezbollah and its alliance are kind of Militia, and they will fight the Lebanese people at first opportunity, as they done in May 2008. Hezbollah tried to overrun the Lebanese Authority, and Hamas is trying to do the same to Palestinian Authority.

If they really, want the world to help, they should make Permanent Ceasefire, and have dialogues with the West Bank Authority, and face the Enemy in one decision, Military or Politically.

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