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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Independents into Lebanese General Election...

When Lebanon was under the Management of the Devils Regime of Syria, all the Members of the Parliament were Independents and there was no Majority or Minority in the House of People. The Regime used to appoint them individually the way suits the Syrian policy in Lebanon Locally and Internationally.

There were no Lebanese Leaders to object, protest , or show their muscles, like The Genarale Aoun is doing, by cutting tongues and smashing faces and cutting hands of his opponents, by that time, because the Syrian regime boots were on every one's neck including The Genarale, until the Freedom Heroes refused to thump print the decision that extended Mr Lahoud Presidential Term to three more years, and they were 28 in Number and Aoun was not one of them.

Now that we have a spark of Freedom in our Country, the Lebanese should choose the appropriate way of how to run their country, and that by choosing their right Representatives to the Parliament without any pressure. Terrorising, and threatening people of Lebanon, would not do 8 Mrach Forces any good anymore, because they chose to vote to Lebanon the State of Integrity, Sovereignty and Freedom of Word.

8 March Forces want to keep the Election fight between two Major Parties, because it is easier for them to control the flow of Treason's accusations to the Majority, that it works by the orders of the West. But when there are other Independents that do not belong to any of the Majority or Minority, and cannot be accused, that makes the situation difficult to 8 March Forces to win the General Elections with Majority in the Parliament, and that Makes the Genarale out of his mind.

The discovery of a Camera near the Prohibited Security Area at the Hariri Airport, sent Hezbollah Leaders to the edge and made the decision to invade the Streets of Beirut on 7th May, and the situation still dragging vital reactions. Is Hezbollah going to repeat that action, because their Mole was exposed in the Ministry of Communications, and be the stance that put the general Elections in doubt.

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