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Sunday, 22 February 2009

The bad Boys...

The well planned incidents, that taking place on the Lebanese soil, show the Turmoil and frustration that, 8 March Forces passing through.

Michael Aoun the Syrian Regime Spoiled Clown, is convinced that, he will never be a Member in the Lebanese Parliament, so he was feeling high on taking it from some of 14 March Forces Leaders, and those becoming Independents, and calling them all names, at the very condensed Christians Areas (Metn Al Shamali), where in 2005 General Election had the Majority of votes. That is why every other day, we hear the explosions near or at the buildings of their Party's Offices.

In Beirut, those Outlaws (Syrian Regime's Bad Boys), attacked the Lebanese People who attended the Fourth Anniversary Assassination of PM Rafik Al Hariri, stabbed one Progressive Party's Member to death, and wounded hundreds of them. That because Beirut is going to vote for 14 March Forces and Independents. Those Bad Boys were 8 March Forces main supporters.

In Beirut also, a man was kidnapped and taken to the South Suburb of Beirut, where the Hezbollah Ghetto is, where there is no presence of the Authorities. Then another MEA Pilot was shot in the head in an area under the Hezbollah surveillance, where the discovery of one of its cameras caused the troubles to Beirut on 7 th May 2008, and many more incidents, took place in different areas, in the North , and North East of Lebanon.

The latest, was firing Katusha into North Israel wounding two peoples, which Hezbollah denied as usual that, has anything to do with this incident, though the whole area in the South of Lebanon is under its surveillance.

We knew that Katusha fired into Israel while the war on Gaza, to remind Israel of Hezbollah's forty thousands Missiles in the North. But those two Katusha fired two days ago, has nothing to do with Gaza, probably to remind the US envoy Mr Kerry, that, there are Nusrallah of Hezbollah, Mr Berri, and Aoun, he should have met, and not only the Authorities in Lebanon, otherwise they will cause troubles in the Area. But is it, really good thing to terrorise, the People of South Lebanon, and made them run away from the areas that the Katusha was fired concerned of the Israelis reaction as usual, just to give Mr Kerry a message. Is'nt that TERRORISM.

Mr Kerry is visiting the Regime in Syria, and the Katusha fired into Israel was a welcome to Mr Kerry in Damascus.

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