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Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Majority Should Rule...

Lebanon, being a Democratic Country, therefore Democracy should be applied, and it is a collective issue, and not selective, or compromised as The Leader of the Parliament likes to name it.

Lebanon is a combination of Sixteen or Seventeen factions of religions, it is a matter of living together on the same soil, who represent them leaders working in politics. If every single person in Lebanon, including religious personnel can discuss politics, then Democracy should prevail, because it is politics. It is not politics, and on other hand religions.

Our leaders confine politics under the ceiling of religion, which is not appropriate, and they are dividing the People of Lebanon, instead of unifying them, under the ceiling of Democracy. There should not be a limit for Free Word, and clear the way for the People to have their choices, does not matter what religions they come from.

Democracy is people's practice and not the leader's practice, when there is a chance for people to choose, then the representatives would be the right ones. Are these leaders really represent the Majority of the Lebanese, certainly the coming General Election would prove it, does not matter who would win, but we will make sure that the Majority should rule the Country, and that what Democracy means, it is the Voice of the Majority of the People, and not dividing the Country into Shares.

There is no doubt that Democracy will Unite the People of Lebanon, more than religions (which every one respects), because they practice it, in Lebanon, and around the world, where they live in democratic countries, where they support Lebanon in economy and politics.

The Lebanese proved it on 14th of Feb last Saturday, when millions of all kind and colours were attending the Anniversary in Beirut, and there is no question that Democracy, brought them together. In the coming General Election the People of Lebanon, will say their Word, and not the Leaders. Though some what so called leaders are not qualified to be the Cleaners of the House of People.

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