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Sunday, 1 March 2009

International Court is Reality.. though..

It is the first Paragraph of Cedar Up rise of the 14 March Forces, and those who believe of Independent, Free and Democratic Lebanon, being faithful to those National Leaders and Innocents that were killed by the Murderers who we certainly, know who they were, and how they butchery practiced the killing. The Murderers, that thought they would abolish the Free Word by killing the Educated and Journalists, or change the Face of Lebanon, by killing the National Leaders, or by undermined our National security Forces, or put our army under their vicious authority, and the Lebanese under their boots.

All the killing fields gave a reverse results to them. Free Word is far more powerful, Our National Leaders are more Death Proof, Our Security Forces exposed them and their plans to destroy the Country, and The Lebanese Army is more united than ever, and their boots hit back their faces. It is a good news to our beloved who were killed

Some Dictators did not learn from the events that took place in Europe, that A Criminal European Court was created, and brought all those murderers to Justice and most of them have the similar ranks as those practiced the killing in Lebanon. May be they thought that what happened in Europe, does not apply in the Jungle, where they treat people like animals. But they again were wrong, and Justice will chase them to their own homes and bring them out, Unless.. they punish themselves, and take their own lives by themselves, or by their Regime. For us does not make any difference where Justice applies, they should pay their lives to the Lives that they brutally took away.

We are confident, that Truth will come out and Justice will prevail, as it was done in Europe, which made the nations live in Peace.

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