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Monday, 16 February 2009

Hezbollah cannot be ......

There is no doubt that, The Millions Of The Lebanese People, in the Fourth Anniversary of PM Hariri Assassination, have said loudly and with high confidence, that they are there to confront those want Lebanon trailing behind Syria- Iran Policy, and they want a Free Democratic Lebanon.

But there was always, something had to be done by those Outlaws factions who are under the wings of Hezbollah. One member of the Progressive Party was stabbed to death in the Event of last Saturday 14th Feb 09, also, those were attending the event were attacked by the Pro Hezbollah Gangsters and hundreds were injured. Many times that happened while The Lebanese people have some kind of events to remember, one of them, those same Gangsters kidnapped and killed two young people in Beirut, also Members of the Progressive Party, and Hezbollah still protecting and Hiding those killers, and refused to give them up to the Authorities, and many other incidents, Hezbollah was involved in.

Every time that happened, Hezbollah denied by its representatives in the Parliament ( Which Hezbollah's Military can dismiss them any time), any involvement in such incidents, and does not cover any of those caused the killings. But Hezbollah is covering all of the Parties that those Gangsters belong to, and is trying to form some kind of unification with them for the General Election all over Lebanon.
Hezbollah can never be a Political Party in Lebanon, and cannot join the Democratic Process that 90% of the Lebanese want to achieve. Because Hezbollah relies on arms, money and power, which cannot share with any Lebanese Authority. Hezbollah wants the Lebanese Government to give in, or compromise, so it has the Upper Hand in running the Country, it needs all these Gangsters around, to use them in the right time, to keep the Authorities busy.

Hezbollah took control of South Lebanon, and had run the Resistance for years, and succeeded to root down its power in the area, by the support of the Lebanese People of all kind, but now it is hardly supported by the Shia themselves, and that was a result of the insensible behaviors of its forces and its Aliens in Beirut and the Mountains of Lebanon.

There is no doubt, that without arms, money and fear, Hezbollah would not win even one seat in the Lebanese Parliament.

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