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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Fathers of the Poor..

Why the Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Al Hariri and his colleagues were assassinated, we will have the reply from the International Investigations Court, why they were killed, and who did it.

But that does not stop us to guess as Lebanese peoples.

May be he was killed because he was taking Lebanon to a further stance of Democracy, that makes Lebanon different from those countries surrounding it.

May be he was killed because, he has In-numbered of establishments that helped the all kind Lebanese people of all ages in their Social lives on all over Lebanese soil.

May be he was killed because he helped hundreds of thousands of the Lebanese young to have education and scholarships at so many countries all over the world.

May be he was killed, because he was trying to build Beirut, to bring back its brightness and be one of the best cities in the world.

May be he was killed, because he was a great difference from all the Prime ministers that sat on this comfortable chair, they took every thing from Lebanon, but Rafik Al Hariri, gave everything to Lebanon,.... His Life.

May be he was killed, because he came under the Umbrella of Saoudi Arabia. Saoudia was paying all the cost of Syrian Troops in Lebanon under the Illusion that they will stop the Civil War.

May be he was killed, because Saoudia stopped to pay the cost of Syrian Troop's stay in Lebanon, that turned out to be Blackmail.

May be he was killed, because he wanted the Taif Agreement should be in force, and that, against the Syrian Regime policy in Lebanon.

May be he was killed, because he supported a civilized world and wanted to apply this civilisation in the Jungle of Syrian Regime.

But no doubt, he was killed as Kamal Jumblat who wanted a Democratic Lebanon by the same Dagger and the same Murderers.

Both Fathers of the Poor... Were Assassinated...

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