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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It Is Mini State in a Bigger State..

8 March Forces, are acting in every part of the Lebanese State as if they are really the Controllers of the Country in every aspect. They spread the activities between each others, in a way to paralyze the Country, and try to overtake all the good things that Cedar's Revolution had achieved so far.

Mr Berri the Speaker of the Parliament, insists that he should have a share in the National Budget for South Lebanon as he claims, though almost every thing in the Budgets that he Disabled along three years by closing down the Parliament went to the Damaged South, that Hezbollah caused by inculculated wars against Israel. Also Mr Berri took the dispute of this issue as a personal matter with the Prime Minister Siniorah, though the Figures given in the proposed budget to Mr Berri were agreed by the President.

Hezbollah has planted a Mole in the Ministry of Communications to reach to the information was given to the International Investigations Committee about the Syrian Role in the Assassinations of Prime Minister Al Hariri at that time, and the National Lebanese Leaders, who it happens were from 14 March Forces.

Hezbollah is dragging the Strategic Defence Issue and up to this date, Hezbollah did not give any written Views of its Plan regrading this Issue. Though, agreement was reached before among all parties, but none of its factors was put into force, and Hezbollah was never committed to it.

The Genarale Aoun, the christian Faction, is supporting Hezbollah Policy, which is clearly, to overpower the Authorities, and put the country within its Agenda of Syrian -Iranian umbrella. This support is by cooperation of Hezbollah Mole and the Minister of Communications who is The Genarale's Son of Law.

Though, the Lebanese president is making the most efforts to bring those Parties into certain stage of consolation and put things together, but there is doubt that Hezbollah will compromise and admit that, there should be one Lebanese State, who is responsible for Lebanese People Security, and has the power on all the Lebanese soil, because this will contradict with its Policy of its Strong Ties with Iran and the Syrian Regime who want Lebanon as a mop for their Agenda in the Middle East Crisis.

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