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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Assad Rules..

Suggestion by Assad, that he wants Hezbollah and Hamas, to negotiate by his side, whenever direct dialogue starts with Israel, is a brilliant idea, and if he was not sure, he would not mentioned it, to the International Press. We will be more than happy with his stance, if he also take their arms and missiles with them away from Our Lebanon.
Hezbollah, has to accept, to negotiate, where Assad is the main stream of Hezbollah existence in Lebanon, and without him, they cannot threat the Lebanese peoples of destroying their country, in many different ways, once use their military and guns supplied by Assad, to attack other areas near their Ghetto in Southern Suburb of Beirut, where the Lebanese Authority cannot experience any activities, or occupying the City Centre, or kidnapping other Lebanese natives while they were on their way to their families, or attack other opposite political innocent members by knives, sticks and iron bars, and kill them.
If Hezbollah does not obey the Assad,s orders, will Assad just, turn his face and forget. He is not the one known to do so. Assad promised to destroy Lebanon, if Lahoud terms as president not extended to three years, and sticked to his word, and made the Lebanese swim in blood for the last three years. Nosrallah, declared that, no negotiations with the Enemy Israel, and he is preparing the coming generation of the Shia youngsters to continue the resistance against the Enemy, (By the way Hezbollah has enemies outside and inside), certainly the generations of fighters Nosrallah prepared will fight both enemies, specially the INSIDE. We are sure that Assad will bring HELL on Nosrallah's head, if he does not do what Assad says.
Assad has many factors in Lebanon to make Nosrallah change his mind, he has all the outlaws, Lebanese and Palestinians, who support Hezbollah, and he has a main Shia Leader as well Mr Berri who is the main alliance to Assad in Lebanon, all those will stand by Assad and ready to do anything at all to serve him. But the main factor is the arms and guns that flow from Syria to Hezbollah, plus the money through Syria from Iran.
Is it the time of Hezbollah showdown has started.

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