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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mr Berri ..Lebanese Connection...

Mr Berri (El Ostaz), proved that, nothing would go forward in Lebanon in general, without, his approval. Many incidents took place in the past, like he stayed the speaker of the Parliament, for over quarter of a century. He has kept his good political relationships with most of the Lebanese National Leaders, despite the differences among the Lebanese Parties. He locked the Parliament Doors and put the keys in his pocket, and made the Members of the Parliament look like scrooges, though, he is trying to stay, the Speaker of the Scrooges in next election. In the last meeting of Members of the Arab Parliament, Berri was trying to confiscate its Keys as well.

Mr Berri that is strongly supported by the Syrian Regime, and does every move in Lebanon according to the Syrian Agenda, that keeps that Regime in control of the Lebanese Interests.

Mr Berri was always the Main Leader of the Shia in the South of Lebanon until, Some Men called Sheikhs, split out of his AMAL Movement, and formed military group called Hezbollah. Now Hezbollah is more popular in the Shia Media, because for the last thirty years, while The Syrian Troops were occupying the country, supporting Hezbollah and using it against Israel instead of Golan Front, made some kind of Balance against Mr Berri to keep him under the Syrian Regime Thump. The Syrian Regime strongly supports Berri, because on contrary to Hezbollah, who also financed and obeys orders from Iran, so the Regime keeps the Shia divided and weak under its control. But we must not dismiss, the fact that, Hezbollah is biting up Mr Berri popularity in the South of Lebanon.

On the other hand, Mr Berri is the link between the Majority of the Parliament with the Minority, in this situation which keeps the government in a stale position until Mr Berri takes a decision, to sort that problem according to the agenda of his masters in Syria, though, he is still one of the National Leaders without any doubt.

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