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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Begger...

It seems that, the Historic Visit to Syria, as Mr Aoun wanted to call it, and the Herioc Reception by the Devils Regime, did not work. His alliance in 8 March Forces, Hezbollah an Amal, kicking his Butt, out of their Ghetto, in the South and Bekaa South West of Lebanon. Now he is wondering senseless to find a place to make him win one seat in the General Election in the Parliament. Though he has the Largest Group that won in last Election 2005, when he had just came back from exile in Paris, and was supported by the Christians Majority Voters.

Mr Aoun should understand by now that, Hezbollah and the Syrian Regime, used him as a Christian factor, to have a Variety in their 8 March Forces,( These Groups Name is related to the Reform Movement that took place in Syria of Baath Party), and by the end of the day to cause damage to the Christians Solidarity. Hezbollah will not accept from any one to challenge its agenda in South of Lebanon even if that Naive Aoun had promises from the Syrians.

Hezbollah, will not tolerate even any of the Shia oppositions to challenge its Sovereignty, as Hezbollah outlaws attacking and terrorizing any one of those trying to join the Election Process, and do any activities in their areas, by contacting the Shia voters who oppose Hezbollah, one of those is Mr Ahmed Al Asaad, because this man supports the Lebanese Authorities, and Democratic and Free Lebanon.

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