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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Israel The Mop...

There is always, a ready
answer for every brutal killing or assassination in our Arab World, that Israel is behind the crime, or in a better and polite description that, Israel agents behind the killing.
Those who give these reasons for the often crimes only, they are covering the criminals instead of exposing them and bring them to justice. in this case they are giving them excuse to do it again.
Since, the assassinations took place in the Arab World and in Lebanon in specific, hardly could find the criminal or the group behind the killing, and if they did they found out to be one of Arab Regimes behind it, who breeds killing groups, and then, because they have not the courage to accuse that regime, they come up of the Israelis Agents that work in the Arab world.
The Leaders or Officials who do not know, the criminals, should shut up, and wait for the investigations to find out, because the Peoples are not naive any more to hear that rubbish informations. Those who come up for these fake information, because when something like that happens, they are ready to conceal the criminals with their answers ready to give to the media.

It is amazing how fast they react, even before the designated Authorities put their hands on the killing case. It is amazing that they find the accused of certain groups in only certain cases, and they do not know of other cases, that put the Future of the Whole Country in the dark.

In this coming General Elections, the Lebanese People who are capable to choose their Representatives in the House, and do not believe these stories any more. Only by choosing those dedicated to their Lebanon should reach the Parliament, or Prime Ministers, and Presidents. Men like Our President Mr Michael Suleiman, that is proving that, Lebanon is First and everything else is Second, should rule Lebanon.

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